Are We Buy Houses Companies Legit?

Are We Buy Houses Companies Legit?

You’ve probably seen the “We buy houses” and “cash offer” slogans, whether it’s on a billboard, postcard, or the internet. They usually claim to pay cash for your house without charging realtor fees. Maybe you’ve wondered if it’s a scam. Truth be told, most of these companies are legit real estate investors who are looking to purchase a home to either flip and resell for a profit, or to rent it out. However, to be sure you are choosing a reputable company with integrity, there are some things to look for.

Are they a registered company?

The first thing you want to check is to see if the company you are working with is a registered company. Usually these companies are LLCs, and while it is possible to contact your state to confirm whether the company is registered, a quick Google search will likely tell you all you need to know. If you Google the company name, they should have a registered address and phone number on Google. If Google doesn’t know who they are, be wary.

Are they accredited with the Better Business Bureau?

Second, check with the Better Business Bureau. This is a service that we’ve likely all heard of. The BBB is a non-governmental bureau that helps consumers find businesses and charities that they can trust. The BBB provides ratings and accreditations to businesses based on a number of different factors such as the likelihood that a business will interact with a customer, customer complaints, the time a business has been in business, transparency of practices and others. If you are considering selling your house to a cash home buyer, and they are not accredited with the Better Business Bureau with an A rating, proceed with caution, or search for a cash home buyer in your area who has a high BBB rating.

Do they have a website?

In this day, having a website is a staple of any reputable business, and it’s no different in the real estate investment sector. Again, the quickest and easiest way to find their website is a Google search for their name. If you search Google for their name and it’s not one of the first results, or even worse, they have no webpage, there may be a reason. It could be that they are a new company and haven’t gotten around to creating a webpage. Then again, would you rather work with an experienced business with a proven track record, or the new guy who grabbed a contract off the internet and is trying to flip his first house?

Are they local?

There are many national cash home buyers and we buy houses companies who may not even have an office in the city or state they’re doing business in. These companies are not likely to know the market and may end up backing out of the contract days before closing due to their lack of knowledge of the city or neighborhood, or because they were unable to find another investor to finance the purchase.

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