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Selling a House As Is in Northern Kentucky

Selling a House As Is in Northern Kentucky

Have you ever thought, “Can I sell my house as is in Northern Kentucky?” There are many people just like you that want to sell their house as is for many different reasons. It could be for the lack of time or money to fix it up, or because the house has been a burden our caused pain and they just want to sell it and get on with their life. If that's you, I have good news. You can sell a house as is, regardless of the condition.

Pros of Selling a House As Is in Northern Kentucky

One advantage to selling a house as is in Northern Kentucky is that you simply don't have to spend anymore money or time on the house. Repairs add up, and some people don't have extra money to put into a house that they are getting rid of. In fact, many times people sell because they're sick and tired of putting money into the house in the first place.

In addition, home repairs take time, especially if you want to do them yourself to save money. Small repairs like painting and landscaping could take weeks, but major repairs can take months. When selling a house as is, you can sell it anytime.

Another advantage of selling your house as is; the expectations of the buyer are realistic. The seller is legally obligated to disclosed all known defects, which can scare away many potential homeowners looking for a new house to move in to. However, when a buyer is purchasing a house as is, they know they're purchasing a house with defects before they even see it. Major issues such as structural or foundation problems could still scare as is buyer away, but smaller defects are to be expected.

Cons of Selling a House As Is in Northern Kentucky

The biggest disadvantage of selling a house as is in Northern Kentucky may be that you will attract less buyers. Most buyers are seeking move-in ready homes, which lowers the buyer pool for as is homes.

Another disadvantage is that real estate agents do not like to take on homes that are not in good condition to be shown. Although it's possible to find listing agents for as is homes, they're less likely to spend the time and effort on your house that they would a move-in ready home. Sometimes this requires a seller to sell it for sale by owner.

Houses that need significant repairs may not even qualify for a standard mortgage, eliminating many of the potential buyers. According to the National Association of Realtors, 87% of buyers financed their home purchase. This leaves very few people willing and able to purchase a house without financing.

Last, a renovated homes sell for more than as is homes that need lots of repairs. However, even though the house will sell for more, selling the home as is could still net you more money after accounting for all the money you would need to spend in repairs. After few major repairs such a new roof, foundation and windows could set you back tens of thousands of dollars, and the cost of those repairs could be more than the increase in the sale price from the repairs. When this happens, it's more advantageous to sell the house as is.

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