5 Ways to Sell Your House Fast


If you want to sell your house fast, you'll want to do the minimum amount of work to get it ready. Depending on the condition of your house it could mean anything from a full remodel to just replacing the carpet. Either way, getting a house ready to sell takes weeks or even months and can be costly. However, even if you don't prepare your home, you may be able to profit as much as you would if you do the necessary remodels. Preparing a detailed budget can help you out, and here are a few things you can do before selling a house on a budget:

1. Clean Everything!

The cheapest and easiest thing to do is to clean the house as thoroughly as possible. Steam clean the carpet, wash and wipe the windows (inside & out), and wipe down all wall fixtures, doorways and cabinets. And don’t forget to polish the wood or ceramic flooring!

2. Tidy Up!

Get rid of all the excess, leaving the tables and counters free from clutter and hide any personal photos. Furthermore, remove additional furniture that doesn’t allow free movement. If you have any dents, dings or holes in the walls, be sure to patch them and have them painted.

3. Observe the Exteriors

First impressions are essential; you want the home-buyer to feel welcome from the moment they see the house. If painting the entire home is too costly you can update the outside with other low-cost solutions. Be sure the landscaping looks pristine, with a mowed lawn and some flowers. The house needs to be visible from the street, and make sure to give the exterior a quick cleaning to remove dust and dirt. The lights on your porch may need an upgrade, along with a new door.

4. The Kitchen is the Heart of the Home

For many buyers, the kitchen is the determining factor when purchasing a house. While granite slabs can be expensive, granite tiles offer a lower-cost solution to obtain the contemporary look. If the cabinets are wood, simply repainting can suffice, and if it’s in the budget, you can also upgrade your doorknobs and pulls on cabinets for a sleek and shiny finish. Replacing a worn-out kitchen faucet can add a clean look to the kitchen, and light fixtures can be replaced at a low cost as well.

5. Bathrooms Are Important Too

While the kitchen may be the best selling point of the house, the master bath is a close second. Although buyers spend less time looking at bathrooms, keeping them looking pristine is essential to attract buyers. Old vanities and sink need to be replaced, despite the additional cost. If replacing the tub or shower isn’t an option, make sure to call a professional to remove tub stains and hang a new shower curtain. In addition to the new shower curtain, new mirrors and towel racks can provide a refreshed look. Of course, be sure to accompany the new towel racks with freshly washed towels to help to give the bathroom the cozy feel.

However, if your home or property has too much repair and work needed, it’s essential to know that Burnett Homebuyers purchases homes in any condition. This just may just be the best option to sell your house on a budget. Give us a call if you would like to skip the hassle and cleaning process.

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